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Still, not sure why the horniness is suddenly sooooo intense and balls feel so FULL and blue like they're overloaded with a long-denied, huge pent-up ...oad. (Even though at times I've dabbled in teasing, orgasm denial, and even the sensation of having a piss hardon--aka morning wood-- due to a really full bladder, that's not the case this time.) Planned to go to bed early tonight since I really need some sleep. Not sure if the desperate to cum feeling will let me sleep or not. Yet, when I do. She bounced up and down on my tongue for a few moments before straining forwards to allow me to feast on her clit.My tongue wrapped around her orgasm button, and she started screaming again as her body shot several waves of pleasure through her.'UUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH ... OH YEAH ... OH YEAH ... AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH'She slumped forward on my erect cock and kissed it passionately for a few moments. I could not reach any part of her crotch with my tongue but kissed her inner thigh instead.. Jefferson grinned as he turned to poke Eli, where he stooped to pick peas.Eli stood and looked over to where Rose was pointing, then smiled and brushed the dirt from his hands against his buckskins. With a big smile on his face, he strode right toward the man and woman as they turned to cross the yard and meet Eli.“Marshal Eli Crow,” the woman said, smiling.“Yes Sister Margaret, I am pleased you came to see us.”“Marshal Crow, meet my boss,” she said, smiling again as the man stepped forward,. I found it so exciting as I thought ‘are they going to kiss?’ And they were. It was incredible to see their bodies close the gap between them, their chests press together, their hands pump the other’s cock and their mouths meet. My husband is kissing another man went through my mind as I squeezed both pairs of balls. Momentarily I felt a surge of jealousy for he seemed to be enjoying it a little too much in my opinion, but that passed as I got more into what they were doing. The jealousy.

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