.. legs spread wide... after theropes are secure, you slide a single finger inside my pussy to seejust how wet and ready i am for you. you add a secon... finger then athird, showing no mercy as you shove your fingers in and out in andout, and just as i'm about to cum you stop, move up to where my headis, remove the gag and shove your cock in my mouth. you proceed tofuck my mouth for a bit occasionally reaching to smack my ass hard orpull on my hair and whisper in my ear what a good little slut i. He had believed it. At least, at first. And, maybe, the tradition had brought him and his daughter even closer together. But, now...His wife entered the room."What is it, Mark?" He handed her the letter."She's gone. I should have taken her." But, Mark!" No but!"Turning, Mark stepped up to his wife of five months and took both hands in his. Her eyes widened at the seriousness of his expression. He had rarely put his foot down on anything, had not needed to. Their wants and needs had meshed so. ”Since this woman approached me, several other women approached and shared similar stories.I was angrier at the men than I was at the teenagers who attacked the bus! I looked at Louise and said, “Louise, I think I need to offer Krav Maga lessons to the women of this city.”Michael asked, “What’s Krav Maga?”Louise said, “It’s a form of Israeli martial arts that Masha used on the two men who tried to rape her.”Michael commented, “It must be really effective because the paper said Masha broke their. “Noooo, too good,” she sighed. “Do it more...”Now her outer lips were fully engorged and shining brightly pink and her puffy inner lips had actually pushed their way out between them, spreading apart a little and reminding me of a tiny butterfly’s wings. So, so cute. So irresistible.I kept swabbing my tongue over her engorged inner lips and let the tip of my nose press against the hood of her clit; I wiggled my face as I lapped her slit.“Waaaaahhhhhh ... oooohhhhhh ... so goooood,” she wailed.I.

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