My mother wasusually too busy to pay me much attention but she did love me.Anyway, early on in my life I showed the signs of having gender issues.I al...ays wanted to play with dolls and would beg my parents for them. Myfather would never get them for me. I guess that's where my resentmentfor my father started. I also always wanted to dress up as a girl ofsome kind for Halloween. I never got that either. My father would yellat me to "man up" and stop being such a "sissy". My mother would. "I have been rubbing my pussy all morning, how does that make you feel." Damn, there goes the erection again.I drive down to her work with the g-string cutting into my hard cock and squirming from the pain of the spanking on my ass. When I get to her office, I park and then have to wait a couple of minutes before I can get out of my car. I have found standing up with an erection in the g-string was incredibly painful.I walk up the stairs at her building to see if this would help in moving. "Sort of" I replied.I led her over to an area with what were essentially 7 doctors examination tables spaced 4-5 feet apart. I sat her down on the middle table."Where the hell are we?" she asked.In response, I quickly snapped her collar around her neck, pulled her down to the bed, and padlocked the d rings on the collar to the table."What the fuck?" she yelled.I quickly pulled each leg up into a stirrup and locked them in place at the knee and ankle. I then pulled her arms back behind her. As he kissed her he wrapped her in his embrace and warmed her with his body heat. She felt herself surrendering to him and slipped her tongue over his lips, this seemed to be what he was waiting for as he responded in kind. The first kiss was sweet, sensual and with an underlying deep seated need on both of their parts. Katherine found herself lost in what seemed like an eternity. When he parted from her he said ‘I was waiting to do that to you for a long time and I simply could not hold back,.

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