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We walked into the living area and sat down close on the couch. Feeling rather emboldened by the wine Instead of sitting next to him on the couch, I s...t down on his lap and curled up on him, laying my head on his heart, as I had done so many times in the chat room. Only this time it was for real, And the sensations I felt were much more intense. His hands encircled protectively around me and he stroked my hair gently, and his hands went down over my back and I smiled up at him and leaned. Teasin every thing about her sex...her legs were d****d over my shoulders..and her hands both on my head...grabbin me closer as she screamed she was cumming again...now thats her second orgasm...and I have not stuck my cock in her yet...so I keep her tingled her a bit more....and told her is she ready for that fucking....she says ohhh god yea baby...fuck me with that cock...So now I tell her..so how bad you want me to fuck you...I want it bad baby...heres my pussy...my white married pussy for. "You dirty girl, you naughty housewife, parading like that in front of the neighbourhood" he yelled, angry and red-faced. "Explain yourself immediately" He whacked her bottom a few times as hard as he could, unable to control his strength. Barnkitty cried that he was late, that he was neglectful, that maybe he was entertaining his female coworkers. "Oh you little so-an-so, I work hard all day for you, and this is your thanks! Walking your body in my lingerie in front of the neighbours! Do you. "Good, I have seen this thing eat people with my own two eyes. You don't want to see it." he warned as they took off down the halls.She wondered what they were talking about, a wolf maybe? A wild cat? She wondered placing a finger over her full plump deep brown lips. She shook the doubt from her mind as she made her way to the basement.A massive steel door was infront of her. She laughed a little looking at the absurd size of the door.She walked up to the door and placed a gentle hand on the.

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