. country songs and pickups?”“You’re the last person I would have thought would stereotype me,” she said, but there wasn’t any discontent in...her voice.“Contrary to popular opinion, I’m not perfect,” he quipped.“So ... are you going to give me another massage tonight?” Her voice was lower than it had been.“Do you need one?”“Probably,” she hedged. In truth, she felt much better. She still remembered the feel of his hands on her, though, and that was a pleasant memory, all things considered.“We’ll. Jess brought me a rum and Coke, and poured her sister a ginger ale. John, the owner of the bar, came over and gave Kate a hug and a kiss on the cheek, then held out his hand to me.“Katie, you look more beautiful every time I see you. I’m so glad that you and Alex are here with us tonight to ring in the new year. Order anything you want to eat. The food’s on me.”He moved off to greet other customers, and a short, curvy blonde came over and hugged Kate as well. Then she turned to me.“Hi. I’m. “Did you finish?” I asked.“No, you…I…uh…was interrupted.”“Well you should finish,” I said. He laughed at that, but continued to sit there. A few minutes of silence passed. “Can I do it?” I asked.“Uh yeah, girls can masturbate too, you kind of---”I cut him off, “no, can I do it to you?”He gave me a weird look, “what give me a handjob.”“What, no, masturbate you,” I said.“It’s called a handjob when someone else does it,” he said.“Oh, well can I?” I asked.“Huh, what…”“Well you said you didn’t. ’ and he felt her place him back behind the material of his jeans, zipping his now flaccid and spent prick away. Watching her rise up from under the table and from between his spread thighs he saw her smile at him before announcing, ‘I’ll be back later. Amanda and I are going out into town.’ Kissing him on his lips, he could taste the salty aftertaste of his sperm in her mouth, and then she told him not to wait up, and she was gone, leaving him sitting there, papers spread out, alone, the quiet.

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