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She went flush and shook her head, 'No.''Are you sure? Maybe you would like to sit under my desk. You find that enjoyable don't you?' LP quivered and ...ooked at him with questioning eyes. 'Don't you want to? You seemed to want it last week. Or, was that a mistake?' He pushed his chair away from the desk. LP was just about to get up when they heard the door in the classroom open. 'We're in here Gray.' he shouted.Coach Gray walked in to the private office and greeted Mr. Newnen. 'Well, what should. ”She showed me how to click on a square to enlarge it to full screen and how to get back to the multi-screen. I could envisage hours of fun watching over the whole house.“I have one small suggestion if I may, Mistress?”“And what is that?”“Have you thought about an upgrade, Mistress? I don’t like to say it but your system is fairly old and a little slow. I would recommend a new system, Mistress, possibly a laptop that can be moved from room to room. I mean no offense, Mistress.”“None taken,. Besides, I’ll take a pill later from the shop.” I liked the compliment a lot and placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy. Her pussy lips separated as I started to thrust in. I initially inserted only the tip. Then after the 3rd stroke, I gently pushed my whole 7-inch cock inside her well-lubricated pussy. There was a collective “Aaah” from both of us.Her insides felt very warm and wet at the same time. I continued thrusting slowly in the same way for 5 more minutes. She kept moaning. He went to his knees and started sucking on my cock and moaning while he stroked his cock. Then, as expected he picked up the lube off the side table, and put some in his hand without coming off my cock. He then slid that lubed hand up to my ass cheeks and spread them. He then slowly played with my ass, and worked the lube in, soft at first, and then as deep as he could. It was hurting at first, but as I relaxed, all that went away and I was moaning too. It felt so good! He then picked my legs.

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