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I would also be building some wind breaks to stop snow drifts from blocking our access to the stable and the river. I would also be tying ropes from t...e hogan to the stable and to a stout tree near the river. This would allow us a safe travel path in snow or heavy rain or low clouds. At this altitude, low clouds could be as blinding as a blizzard. I also left a rifle in the stable with additional ammo.Those were the big things we would need to survive up here. Once all of this was taken care. And you have treated me like family." Winking at him, "Even if I did walk in on you making out."Jeff chuckled. "That was some pretty serious 'making out.' But as far as we're concerned, you are family. But even loving families fight occasionally, and there are some rather strong personalities here, so don't be too upset if someone has PMS or something, and snarls a little." Contemplating for a moment, he continued. "I guess I've been expecting a bit of the snarling for weeks now, but so far,. Thinking that something was wrong, I went to the door and started to push it open. As I looked in, I got the shock of my life!I saw Linda reclined in the easy chair in the corner with her head thrown back and her eyes closed. She had her knit tennis shirt pushed up and her bra off. She was squeezing her nipples and massaging her very large breasts. Her legs were spread wide and looped over the chair arms. She was squirming and moaning. Between her spread legs, was my Mom's head!!! Mom was still. "Raise your hips," I said, and when she did, I shoved the pillow under her tight, firm ass, raising her up a bit and placing her in the perfect position for my next move.When I laid down between her legs, she instantly knew what I was about to do."Oh God James!" she gasped loudly. "Oh, baby yes, please. It's been so long since anyone has done that for me! Bill never once went down on me the whole time we were married–he thought it was a nasty, disgusting thing."He wouldn't let me blow him.

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