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Greg's eyes struggled to see beyond the valley of thigh flesh into her skirt. He felt a tap on his shoulder and looked over at Andy. "I never even kne... we had a gland there, G. This stuff is sick. Why were you late anyway?" Greg looked back over at Ms. Sin and saw that she had left her desk, she was turned away from them, writing something on the chalkboard. Greg looked at Andy, he whispered, "I wasn't late." "Oh yes you were. Why do you think Ms. Sin warned you in front of the class?" Greg was. “You know about our culture?” He asked curiously, whilst I kept my hand over my heart, the gesture symbolising respect especially if accompanied with a bow to which I did give a small one, nothing overly noticeable to passers by, just a little lean forward to make clear my gesture of respect. “A little, I am new to the city and keen to embroil myself deeper. I know I am only human, but I am a Druid, as have a great deal of respect to those who favour mana” I replied, thinking up a decent. I always eat light before a match.I put on my board shorts and we drove straight to school, so I could get some more practice laps in. The rest of the team got there shortly thereafter, so we practiced relays for a bit. About an hour before the match was scheduled to start, Coach Overholt blew the whistle."Everybody out of the pool! I want you guys to get some rest before the match starts." We hung out on the bleachers while we waited for the other team to arrive. Jeff looked up at me."While. ” Bailee retorted, “Now I have arrived, I am even more interested to know how he has garnered such respect from a breed of cynical professionals.”“I just know some great people who have also become friends.” I stated.“A lawyer as a friend, now that makes you even more interesting.” Bailee retorted.I couldn’t help it, I turned into a tomato again, and this time even dad couldn’t help himself, as the three of them took a good time laughing at my expense.“Jack, it is alright if I call you that.

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