She'd be absolutely excellent for a kindergarden or 1st grade teacher... Definitely not the best choice for 4th grade... In high school...Well, guess ...'ll start writing todays events, not much happened though. I went to school like normal, chatted with Mike and Simon in the first period (math). Then it was HER turn, I'm really tired of her class right now, seriously, who gives a diary as a homework assignment to a high schooler? With this, I almost believe in the friday 13 stuff thing. Where. "Heather had to laugh at that, but was careful to make it a friendlychuckle lest she hurt her son's feelings further."Oh Kevin, of course I do. Everyone does."Kevin lifted his head, surprised. "You do?!" Of course, silly. Like I said, everyone does."Kevin seemed to forget his problems with the fascination of this newpiece of information. He flipped over and sat up, crossing his legsIndian style. "But, I don't understand. Women don't have, youknow, a thing."Heather had trouble. "You just WAIT until I get my eyes open," Rebecca said defensively."Oh, yeah?" Colleen shot back. "You had no trouble keeping your eyes open when you were looking like you wanted to suck Yolanda's clit through her skirt, last night." You want to talk about last night, or do you want me to help Bri- ... David? We can argue all morning but you woke me up for a reason, so let's take care of first things first."Rebecca slowly peeled my bandage off, which didn't help, as it was stuck to the open. She could not have weighed more than 85 pounds and her small perky tits were perfect. But it was her small tight pussy is what made Dr. Wei the best fuck of my long life. Well it was a Saturday night so once again I was going to enjoy a night with my Vietnamese beauty. We were both in her bed and I glanced down at Dr. Wei. Her small mouth could barely open wide enough to accommodate even the head of my cock. I knew that soon I would be enjoying this young Vietnamese doctor and she would be.

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