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She made sure I kept the haircutmaintained, she told me she'd have to freshen it every once in a while"to keep it looking cute" but nothing else.Then,...one day, as I was shaving, which I barely needed to do, I justdecided to shave my legs. I had to stop and masturbate in the middle, butI did it. They felt so smooth. I wanted to show Aunt Emma, but I was tooshy to just go show her, and I was afraid she'd laugh. So I decided tocompromise, and wore shorts that came to my knees when she came. I reached around to her large well shaped breasts and began feeling her up, at the same time I rubbed my cock against her ass crack. Alma was one sexy women, she immediately began humping my cock as she guided my hand from her breasts down to her pussy. I went under the fabric of her bikini bottoms and put two fingers inside her as my thumb massaged her clitoris. Alma tilted her head back and we began a deep French kiss, our tongues intertwined as we savored each other’s mouths. I could tell. There mother was a curvy lady,dark haired, quite good looking, heavy smoker, big chested and always wore tan tights and scholls,her nylon feet always caught my eye, i was fascinated with them, i don`t know why and i started to get sexual urges,i would always stare at her nylon feet, she used too kick her scholls off and moan her feet were hurting, i so desperately wanted too give her nylon feet a rub, but i was too shy too ask, basically i was too shy and scared too do anything, i had never cum. I sent a silent prayer up in thank you for the smoke detector."Pat!" I called following Larry out of the room. "We're going riding, change clothes."Whatever she'd been doing in her room hit the floor with a thud. I smiled, knowing she was already scrambling into old clothes even as my foot touched the first step.It had already been two weeks since Kevin left. For days my heart beat fast anytime I'd hear the gravel on the road thinking it was him. 'I'll be back' he'd said like the Terminator. I.

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