Ko chale aur jaipur pahunch gayi.hum kareeb 12 baje pahunche. Hum ab ladkiyo ko dharamshala mai tharya. Sab ladkiya aur mam raj mandir mai gilm dekhne...chali gayi aur hum dono unke sath car mai baith kar ghomne chali gayi.hema aage sandeep ke sath baithe thi aur mai piche jitender aur rajesh ke bich bathi thi. 1 hotel se khana pack karwa ke hum jitende ke flaight mai aa gayi. Jitender nai kuch beer le li. Maine kaha yaha kyu aaye ho kahi ghoomne chalte hai wo hans pade bole kuch kha pee lo phir. Leanna was jerked back from her orgy of misery upon hearing her father’s voice. Turning in Khadeem’s arms she saw her whole family standing in the doorway, she mortified to realize they had all seen her being sick. This prompted another bout of sickness. ‘Please,’ was the response Leanna’s father got from Khadeem. David left the room in search of a doctor. Meanwhile Leanna had stopped being sick, for the moment. She sat back against Khadeem’s chest shivering. The warmth from his hard body. Pilar, Nick, and Tanvi hadn’t left her bed so long ago that she couldn’t still feel where they’d touched and stroked and invaded her flesh. In the course of a single day, she’d gone from trying to figure out how to be alone with Nick because she was afraid she wouldn’t know what to do in bed with more than one person at a time to craving the sensory overload that came from so much intimate attention. If a ceremony could get her more of the same, she was willing to go along with it. “May I dress. I put on a pair of reflective sunglasses; the ones with mirror finishes like the one some cops wear. I figured I could look at her anytime I wanted and she wouldn’t know if I was awake or asleep. And faking being asleep was my intention. I put the check for her services on top of the radio sitting on the table next to my chair. On the outside of the note it read, “For the pool services”. I grabbed a glass of ice tea from the pool side refrigerator and then sat down on the towel covered lounge.

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