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We had a 5 inch dildo that I sometimes used on her while I was going down on her, my favourite is while we're in the 69 position with me on the bottom... using the dildo and while licking her. We also have a 2 butt plugs, one for me with a cock ring attached and a vibrating one for her, like I said basics.Around a month ago I purchased some items including, clothing, lube, a new sex game and a 6inch Strap-On. She likes to stick her finger in my ass from time to time and I thought we could notch. The doorbell chimed and she broke away.'Get dressed, don't forget the bows in your hair and when you come out, don't you dare refuse me anything, do you understand?''Yes, Mistress, I understand.' The door closed and I took a deep breath trying to get some control over my shaking body. I heard the sound of voices come back into the sitting room on the other side of the bedroom door, then turned to the pile of clothes on the bed.I sat down and broke open the packet of stockings, unwinding them. I needed to be strong in the 'Group Home' I was in so I lifted weights." Can you act?" Paige asked. "I've never really tried before, but I'm open to giving it a shot." "Great!" Audrey said. "Cool, be at Goodwin Hall at 3pm Tomorrow so we can introduce you to the rest of the class." I left the party after an hour of meaningless chit chat and found myself walking to the Employee Apartments just off the Campus grounds. My place wasn't much, a small kitchen, living room and red room but it was. Let me tell you that she is such an eye turner that even the most dedicated husbands and boyfriends of this world would look at her with at least the corner of their eyes. Aarthi is a fair 21-year old with a perfect structure that every man eyes for. She has the perfect 34-28-32 measurements (I mastered this art of measurements by watching a lot of FTV), which, is awaiting a master.That evening Aarthi and I met at a small hotel and I observed that she is with mixed feelings. She was a little.

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