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Then she put it on my hands. I had an idea of what it was, but as I opened my eyes and saw exactly its shape and form I felt my pussy wet a little. It...was a long, jelly, double dildo. 30 centimeters at least. - "You can borrow it" she said, still kneeling right at my side. I looked to her and seeing that devilish smile on that beautiful face and I couldn't help myself to kiss her.I would have expected if she throwed me away but surprisingly she didn't. She kissed me back with a passion that. But you do it like a dance, like water. And you seem to coat every bit of me. With your flesh and with your hands. You’re drenching me and drowning me so I gasp for breath. How quickly your hands have moved, like spiders. Coated in webs of passion, I’m now burning alive. In my soul and in my mind. Like we were made into a cocktail, shaken and stirred. I’m dizzy, drunk, and forgetful, as the vodka, but you being as the water, keep rhythm with your tides. You wash over my legs and navel. You. ' Brad said as he dropped his face down to get his teeth into her vagina. In not much more than a couple of seconds he had her clit between them and bit into it. Now I gotta say when he looked up it was a really endearing sight, him with her clit blood dripping off of his nose and his lips. Her, she was screaming bloody, ha ha, bloody clitoris murder and was again trying to thrash Brad off of her legs so he belted her where he had just bitten her and it took two more punches to the vagina. He lit himself a cigarette and kept glancing at Gill, fuck she looked ravishing, he thought.The man eventually moved on and Gill laughed a little bit drunkenly and said, "Shit, I thought that he would never go."Even the word 'shit' was sexy when she said it.Ben could not think of anything to say, so he said nothing, "So Mister Luckhurst, are you married?" asked Gill."No, I have been but not now," he replied but then thought for the first time about Gill's husband, where was he?"Same here," she.

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