"I scrambled up, hoping he was going to put that delicious cock in me. I could hardly wait. Lying on my back, I saw him in all his splendor. His erect...on jutted proudly, and my panties were soaked.Kevin then surprised me by stretching my legs wide and securing my ankles in restraints that I hadn't noticed. He left my arms free and climbed on the bed and hovered over me. I was hot with want and desire.He then did something else I did not expect. He produced a pair of scissors and cut off my. The feeling of your body pressed against mine, the sound of your breaths, the touch of your hands on my back. I pull away for a moment to take off my shirt and toss it to the side. I giggle when I catch your eyes on my cleavage. I picked out my favorite bra for this occasion, but it won’t be here for long.My hands go to your hips, and I raise your shirt up so you can take it off. I kiss you again as your hand fumbles at my bra clasp. You unclip it, and I let it fall to the floor. I pull you. Sometimes, it led to watching a bit of gay porn on his laptop. But he always felt dirty afterward.On a warm summer ,he was home alone and was going to be all day. He woke up late, and laid in bed, too hot to wear clothes, exposing his athletic body and hairy cock and balls. He loved the feeling of the sheets against his skin, the soft gentle linen turned him on.He saw his laptop on the floor next to his bed; he'd stayed up late last night talking to friends. He thought to himself, well I'll. Phil made sure we had a bit of a walk to the door so men could see his slutty wife and perve on her.As we walked in, the guy behind the counter asked if we were going to the theatre seeing as I was dressed to be fucked. We told him yes and asked if many guys were inside. He told us there were about a dozen guys and no women.......I would be the only slut.The theatre was only lit by the light from the screen but I could see that the men were all s**ttered through the room. As we walked to our.

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