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Chapter 5The road is longWith many a winding turnThat leads us to who knows whereWho knows where...The HolliesI stopped only once more at a service ar...a for a quick cappuccino andloo break, as I was eager to get to my destination.As I drove towards the West Country, gradually I felt a weight liftingfrom my shoulders. I was listening to Dido on my CD and singing along.By nature, I am a happy, positive person and it was only the events ofthe last few days that made me realise that I had not been. The pink glass dildo cught her eye.“What d’ya think, Soph?” she asked, sliding her hand up and down the length of the shaft.Sarah was staring straight at her friend, who in turn was eying the toy being wanked slowly in front of her. Sarah moved the toy down between her breasts and continued the motion, the thicker tip regularly popping up between her beautiful round orbs. Squeezing her breasts together, Sarah encased the toy in her flesh and smiled a wicked smile back at Sophie. “Just warming. .I mentioned he travels a lot and we had even talked about vacations...I told her I think he liked her after seeing her pictures and I was glad we happened to "bump" into them at dinner. I excused myself and told her I had to use the restroom...and as I left I took out the control device and revved up the vibration.....and told her I wanted her to think of me while I stepped out. Down the hall....my friend met me. He had left his table too. ..Wow he said she is hot....is she "vibrating">....oh. It was...sublime.An unnamed desire brought my face closer to her vulva and my tongue darted out to taste this substance without the aid of a finger. It tasted better than the best food prepared by the Buro. I couldn’t get enough. The more I licked the more came out. I started to suck on the knob, lick it up and down and even stuck my tongue deep into her entrance. Dr. Deckard grabbed my head and pushed my face deeper into her vulva, moving it up and down. I drank of her essence and became.

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