My Wife And Me

Mita is a sexy lady of 28 in age with a nice figure of 36d-28-38 and a sexy nice saggy boobs and a bumping round ass with a sexy smile which makes all...the men ready to fuck her. She wear Saree below naval & with the sleeveless blouse open from behind with just 2 ropes and her full back is seen in that and her silky net sarees in which her boobs and ass looks damn sexy and her full figure is seen completely and all men have a good look wherever we go at her. So the next day I again met him and I. I also proposed one woman who turned me down but it was ok. I was just happy that after being married for so long and having spent time with one woman, I was now at least able to put her behind me and make a play for other women.So, one fine day, Malati stopped coming. 1 day, 2,3,4 days passed and there was no sign of her. She did not have a mobile phone or a contact number and hence I couldn’t get in touch with her. So I decided to find her. I was given an area to her and I decided to go down. We have to make a stopbefore dinner she said and we left the salon and headed down 2nd ave.She led me into a hair salon next and talked to the receptionist andthen the stylist, occasionally glancing at me. Gail gave me a card."This is my address, you will meet me there at 5:30 that gives you anhour and a half. Give me your hotel key so I know you will show up. Istarted to balk but she grabbed my bag and said that a sissy doesn'tmake decisions, just obey. She left me in the salon and the stylist. ”“Did you invite any of the neighbors?” I asked. She looked at me. “I mean, besides me.”“Nooo ... well, we didn’t think—”“You didn’t think they’d fit in with the Scumbag’s friends?”“Omigod, will you just let that go? I have a headache, the house is a mess, and this yard...” she trailed off, looking around.“Look,” I said. “Remember what I was saying about rules? Well, there are rules for living in this neighborhood, too. If you abide by the rules, if you show people that they can rely on you,.

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