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"Beer cans were put down and furniture was moved to make more room to dance. Phil had managed to avoid all the work and came into the room with two vo...kas for the girls."Phil," said Nicole as she took the drink from him, "You read my mind."For the next few tracks the flat resembled many a nightclub. The girls danced around each other, vodkas in hand, while the guys sat around the edge of the room supping beer. Both Lisa and Nicole were still dressed for the club, and they looked hot. Their. It was empty, and I slipped into the stall most distant from the door. I locked myself safely inside and then I pulled my skirt up and my panties down. I pressed my back to the wall, braced myself and eased my middle two fingers into my glistening slit. I imagined that ass, those legs, that smile. I used my other hand to stroke my clit, then used that same hand to cover my mouth as I emitted a muffled scream when I had an intense orgasm. I tasted myself on my fingers, not that I was. ...*-*"(XD),and Liya couldn`t stand giggling as she didnt remeber that very clear until Sabash retelled it.Sabash said that he indeed liked Liya,and actually didnt want to r-a-pe her but in some more gentle ways (XD).Anyway Liya thought it`s interesting that this human boy still liked after such a long time.Feeling happy,Liya suggested that why not both of Lambert and Sabash,the two boys who saved her life each other and liked her,fuck her together?This time Sabash and Lambert got embarrassed. Lydia was aware of a not too pleasant warmth suddenly over her stomach that quickly grew to an intense heat. Her eyelids fluttered open just when the glowing tip of the cigarette touched her flesh. Lydia's body jerked heavily, futilely trying struggle away from the fierce, sharp agony. Her slender young body arched and heaved against dirt floor. She could feel particles of loose dirt working into her tight asscrack as she struggled against the biting agony of that burning cigarette against her.

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