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She let me in and gave me an analyzing squint. “Something’s wrong. I’ll fix you a drink and you can tell me about it.”I watched her shapely as... as she went into the kitchen. While I heard the clinking of glasses and bottles I looked around her apartment. I didn’t want to talk about sad stuff. Maybe some music would set the mood. I opened a cabinet, hoping she had a sound system in there.There were some books, boxes, and a plastic bag on the lowest shelf. The bag looked out of place, so I opened. That felt amazing. Another guy shoved a wedge of lime into my mouth and poured salt on my tit. He licked the salt clean off my tit, drank the shot and took the lime out from my mouth with his. I was totally out of it at this point, the effects getting stronger and stronger, and I was down for anything.My emotions were mixed. I was mainly happy and excited, but at the same time felt a sort of anxious anger inside me. What was it? What was causing this anger. I searched and searched within my. I stood up and picked her up in my arms. She pulled my head down for a kiss and then I carried her to my room.When I put her down, she was trembling slightly. "I haven't done this since I started medical school." "Well if you've forgotten how something works, just ask." I kissed the top of her head and began removing her clothes. She wore plain white underwear with no frills. I resolved to upgrade her wardrobe. Her pale stomach was flat, almost too lean; a product of too little time for food.. She counted the ticks while watching the second hand spinning around the dial. Unable to concentrate she kept losing count. The phone didn’t ring. The sun might set and it might rise again, Susan didn’t care. She wondered if her son could even see the sun. Sunset, sunrise, it lost all meaning. Time, seconds, minutes… and longer, that’s all that mattered. The watch kept ticking, the microwave kept flashing 12:00 and her hands kept trembling. They had told her, ‘Time is very important now, that’s.

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