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"Rise and shine, sleepyhead. We are going to Church. It's about time I show you off proper. After all, we have to go to Church to pray for all the ...ustful things we did last night." "O.K.," I responded. Molly then added, "Have your coffee and come into the front room, I have your Christmas Present!" I gulped down the coffee as it was not too hot, which to me, was just right. I slid on my pants, and as I was still whipping the sleep from my eyes, laid out on the couch was a Calvin Klein. "Scene IILeigh did not do any homework that evening, which was unusual for her. She found it easier to do homework every night, even the weekend, so she could keep on top of her studies. She was carrying over 32 credit hours this semester, two more than last semester, and with no social life, her 3.9 grade point average was the center of her pride.Instead, after her classes Leigh went by Analiese, a boutique centered in the trendy part of town. She remembered her mother talking about going. ”“No, Molly.” I figured a flat refusal would stop whatever notion she had in her head from blossoming into a full-on nutty idea.“Oh, go on, Bernie. It’s been ages since we did anything bold.”There it was. She’d said it. “Bold.”In some countries, bold can mean courageous or intrepid. In Ireland, it meant you were naughty and Molly Maguire was definitely Irish bold. “I’m a Sister now,” I hissed back at her. “I’m supposed to show leadership.”She bit her bottom lip. “Sister goody two shoes. Yes. “Your problem, which I supposed is my fault and that is why I’m trying to reason with you, is that the protective formation you triggered ... it is on an entirely different level than the one etched to your home, something that is a waste on an ordinary place such as this, unless...”There was no need to elaborate what “unless”. The young woman’s countenance further worsened in realization.“This formation’s fluctuations spread not just around this room, but even the restaurant under and the.

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