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“And did it go on after mother got home?”” Suspicious mother clicked on straight away, crafty as always she had counted the condoms in the box, ...nd did it again on her return, things were never the same in our house after that!” He asked how? And was astounded when she said that “well mother hated sex and all about it, blamed sex on losing her figure, dur to pregnancy, and had done it as a duty once a week for the last few years, his chastising us had been his foreplay though of course we girls. Sofía was giving him kisses on the neck one by one in a soft and erotic way, sticking out her tongue and starting to lick down her neck, the sensation that Maria felt was new for her because she was a virgin and no man or woman had touched her before, Sofía continued licking until she reached the round and very hard ass that her student had, she opened it with both hands and put part of her face in that closed ass. She spat a spit all over her asshole and stuck her tongue all the way down -. She was shuddering as she shook with the intensity of her orgasm. She collapsed forward onto my chest, gasping as she tried to get her breath back. My cock was still twitching and she gasped and groaned as she experienced a second, and then moments later a third orgasm.Her fist clenched, and she hit my shoulder. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “You bastard, now you make love to me and you’re leaving in a week. The best lover I’ve ever had and this is it. Fuck, fuck, fuck! God,. Ekdin khub bhor balae ghum bhenge galo,bed theke name sojaPase riyar ghore chole elam,riya dekhi ekta short pink color er frock nighty pore ache,ja dia or ardhek mai beria ache,r pa mure sua ache nighty hatur opor uthe gache ja dia or bal bharti dasa gud dekhte pachi, edike amar bara thatia bas haegache ami kapchi,ami nijeke control korlam, riya dekhiGhumer ghore gud chulkache, amar mathae bodbudhi khele galo riyar hath saria ami riyar gud chulke dichilam gude hath ditae dekhlam gud puro beja,.

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