Desi Gf Dressing Up

I walk through the plush lobby and make the necessary arrangements and go of to the room I had chosen to make my own preparations, Its still early onc... the scene has been set so head off to the bar to try and relax a little, my mind working overtime of what lies ahead and how we will both react in the first instance, a short while later I’m torn away from my thoughts as I see you enter, I couldn’t mistake your beautiful face, long flowing tresses and oh my that body! My stomach starts doing. I got the KY jelly, for added pleasure, and help him hear when I stroke. I dial the phone,’ Good Morning Sweetheart! I ask him if his door is closed.’ He chuckles says,’ ok, woman what are you up too?’ ‘ I thought I’d start your day off right. How am I doing? I have all the right props around me.’ He says,’ you do’. ‘ Yes, darling I do. I have an ice bucket with my favorite jelly chilling, my favorite vibrator and KY jelly that right this minute I am putting on my nipples. I have to make do. ”“Yeah, I know that feeling. I’m quite turned on myself. No need to let Bitch know that, though.”“Bitch is not dumb, sir. I don’t think there is much she doesn’t notice. Anyway, sir, I have a request if I may?”“What is it?”“I’m kinda wondering if I could get off from being slapped in the face like that. I liked it when you spanked my ass earlier. I’d like to offer you a deal. You slap me and if I manage to cum, you give me permission to get you off. If I don’t have an orgasm by the time you get. I started going to her for a weekly blow-job. I was kind of afraid to actually screw her. I was worried about catching some kind of disease. I wasnt ready to have to deal with that just yet. She was an excellent cock-sucker though. Her mouth was like a vacuum cleaner. She could draw the load out of me and almost hurt you from the suction. The taste of cum didnt offend her like many girls I had been with. She always took it in her mouth, swallowed and gave my dick a great tongue bath.

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