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I quickly hugged the girl from behind and my penis was poking her butt. Then I pulled her head over my shoulder and kissed her cheeks, licked her ears... and sucked them. Surprisingly, my neighbour was moaning slightly while I sucked her neck and kissed it. Then I pulled her top and placed my hand inside, she wasn’t wearing any bra inside!I touched her bare boobs with both my hands and slowly, started massaging them without touching her nipples. I wanted to tease her and making her want. There were always between a hundred fifty to two hundred in attendance. We usually booked a really nice venue, had an excellent meal catered, made the mandatory speeches, then opened the bar and let the dancing begin. The band was always top notch, able to play something for every taste. Mom had made us all take lessons, and we usually opened the floor with a slow number, with mostly just family dancing. My ex didn't like to dance with me because of our great height disparity, she said she felt. Vasundhara was on the floor completely drained out and had no strength to even get up and stop Kiran. Kiran positioned himself in between Aarthi’s legs. Aarthi, although was trying to resist, had no hopes.Kiran pushed his dick and easily the first 5-6 inches went in since her pussy was already accustomed to that. He brought it out and with all might pushed hard. Aarthi jumped with pain but only another inch went it. The third time Kiran brought his dick out and pushed again.His entire dick went. I knew full well what I was doing. I took the moment of her arousal to reach under our bodies for her breasts. I cupped each one in a hand, holding them firmly, then thrusting against her ass with my hips, " You belong to me." My grip on her chest became harder; I reach for her nipples and pinch them into painful points. My legs covered hers and held her in place. She is bent to my contour and helpless against the hard arousal running back and forth against her ass cheeks. The intensity of the.

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