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He seemed to fit naturally deep into her mouth and the way she sucked vibrated into his balls and thrummed along his length. He’d always enjoyed blo...jobs before but this was something new for him, he was actually in danger of cumming too quickly and no one had ever had that effect before. ‘Stop, please stop,’ he begged. Pulling away from her sensational mouth he lifted her back to her feet. ‘ I’ve got to fuck you now!’ he demanded and pushed her forward onto the bed. She leant forward onto her. With her nicely filled, I tighten the belt another notch, much to Anna’s dismay. She has some trouble breathing now, with her chest as strictly compressed as it is, but she can manage.Thus attired, I tell her to get dressed. While she complies, I do the same. And off we go for a nice walk!It’s a nice day, and we have a nice walk, but my sister is not really able to enjoy it. She is in a lot of pain from the thumb tacks, made worse by every movement. She can only take shallow breaths, which. I felt as hot and randy as I had at 22. ‘I am going to ride you hard! Give me this cock in my pussy!’ I climbed on top of him – cowgirl was always one of my favorite positions. He arched up into me and I moaned with pleasure. We bucked against each other as I reached down and played with my clit. We were banging each other hard and he felt so good inside me and soon… ‘Oh you’re gonna make me cum! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! OOOO FUCK!’ The first orgasm had no sooner subsided when a second one. No sudden moves. No problem.”She stared into his eyes, tongue absently tracing the shape of him in her mouth. After a long moment, she seemed satisfied that he would stay still and went back to work. He watched as she pulled back until her lips were sealed just around the mushroom head, only to reverse and start back down, swallowing every inch. Up and down, in a slow, steady, toe-curling, rhythm that seemed to indicate that she was in no hurry.His initial fear that she had escaped proved.

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