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"Havingfun yet sweetie!?" he said as he slapped my right buttocks hard andthen my left buttocks taking delight in watching me squirm. "Well don'tyou w...rry, we're going to be having plenty of fun in just a minute!" hesaid as he grasped his stiff erection and hunched over me. I gasped andblubbered into the gag struggling but it was no use. I could hear hisexcited breathing in my ear as he held me around my waist with one armwhile trying to work himself inside me holding his erection with hisother. “You said you had to pee,” he replied. “So go.”“Right here?” she asked, her belly clenching as lust and fear joined the serious need she had to go.“Yes,” he said in a mild voice that somehow told her she’d be obeying him no matter what she wanted, “right here.”She shivered in spite of the heat. Her nipples poked hard against the thin black tanktop she’d chosen, along with the short skirt, to entice him.Swallowing hard, she reached under her skirt to remove her panties, blushing when she. Burying his face in her hair he asks, “you awake?” “Yeah…just got here…did I wake you?” “Not sure, but I hope so. I enjoy waking to find you here.” She rolls over to face him and he see the tears in her eyes. “Do you want to talk about it?” “No, I just want you to hold me. Is that okay?” “As you wish,” he says with a smile. Taking her in his arms, he rolls to his back as she lay on his chest. His fingertips graze her back gently. Holding him tightly she speaks his name….”Jake?” “Yes Maddi….”. My cock was bursting suddenly she released her pressure and an intense wave of orgasm hit me like a tsunami I gripped her hair and thrusted deep in her mouth and gallons of come started gushing out. Nirmala aunty didn’t waste a second, she dedicatedly started gulping down my sticky creamish cum cherishing every drop, savoring every bit of it. I haven’t cum with that intensity and quantity ever in my life after gulping down the last drop of my cum she let go of my spent dick and lied down on the.

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