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You have shown me respect, taught me how to please a woman correctly and Becky and I both love you. Please don't cry, you still have us both." I said... Kelli looked at me almost in awe.We spoke some more and ended up laying on a blanket in the summer breeze, Kelli in the middle and her 2 love slaves at either side.The next morning I got up and made the coffee but before I could get a chance to drink it all Jennifer called, asked me to go and see her and talk about Max. I could hear him barking. "And from now on you will both obey every word I say without question and without hesitation."Before I go on with my story I think it's time I let you all in on a little secret. I went to Mary's office one day around lunch time. The secretary said she was already gone and if I would like to leave a message. I told her I wanted to leave the flowers I brought with me in her office and asked if that would be okay. I positioned the flowers on her desk and started to move to the door when I looked. After a while, she leans forward and her large, soft breasts fall into Reed's face where she begins to sway them back and forth across his mouth. He sucks one inside and she puts her hand down beside his head and rocks back and forth on his cock which, from where I sit, I can see going in and out of her. What a show. And, damn, am I horny.I start to finger myself as does Erin and I soon begin rubbing my clit to catch up with our mating pair by the pool. I can watch Reed's cock come out almost. "Andrea say"Yes John,i will do everything you want for the next 20 minutes"John start to whip my wife blouse,then tell her to open the garment and the beautiful warm tits of my become the target of a relentless but lite rain of hits,the nipples get a lot of attention and then the tights get theirs share. Finally John tell my wife to slide the dildo under her pants.In the last minute John put a lot of strength in the hits,leaving the delicate and sensitive skin of breast and upper thighs very.

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