My Horny Wife Sucking My Friend’s Dick

"Ah fuck Mark!! I'M GOING TO CUM!!!!" That's right baby, cum for me!! Cum bitch, CUM!!!"He increased the speed of his thrusts, without mercy."CUM!!!"I...started to scream in bliss as I felt my hot cum traveling seeking an opening. it found one."MMMAAHHHH!!!!"Mark quickly pulled my panties over my pussy as I cummed. I lie on the desk breathing heavily from what the marvelous orgasm that I just endured. Mark removed my panties and licked the cum that dripped from it. He let some drip onto my. .Pop.That was the sound of Ricky sucking on her left butt cheek that he was also squeezing, meanwhile Billy was filming everything which was being streamed live to the fans.“Please babe take it all off for me & all the fans, I’m dying to see your juicy butt naked, I want to spread your cheeks apart & stick my tongue into your two tight pink holes.” Ricky was begging now as Pixie had reached underneath between her own legs & was squeezing his cock over his pants.“Ricky & all of the men watching. I haveseveral bottles of nail polish, two new lipsticks, new mascara, eyelinerand perfume. I've got a couple of books and some DVDs- which have the'12' certificate on the front circled, of course. I have two new skirts,two girly t-shirts, a posh new dress, new shoes (with a small heel onthem) and a short-sleeved ballet leotard. Even the underwear makes meemotional- any ordinary girl who look at packets of panties and tightsand think nothing of it, but to me they're as special as any gift. Upon catching sight of her movement, Nick followed behind and continued to try and think of some way to explain it to her.Monica pushed the door open, stood in the middle of the room and examined her surroundings. She carefully looked around and tried to find any evidence of what he might have left for her sister.Nick, having kept pace behind her now stood in the doorway, his thoughts unable to stabilize. He watched intently as Monica looked around the room.She turned and glared at him once.

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