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At least for the present.After some prodding, the leader of the bunch was identified. Nance's questioning didn't get anything out of him, and she want...d some answers. I had just the fellow for the job. Smokey trotted over, and grinned at me. I told him what we needed, and he was all for it. First, I asked why they attacked us, and though he'd already pissed himself upon seeing the wolf, he remained silent.I waited a moment, and tried an evil sneer. "Oh good!", I gushed like I was nuts, "a tough. For some reason five miles out the dead were walking in high numbers forcing them to retreat. Years later a few people made their way into the neighborhood, but those knew nothing except for rumor and conjecture. Many times throughout the years, the couple found each other crying quietly with worry for their girls. Today was no different. Five years and no word about…really anything except for the few who stuck together finally abandoning the area for the fabled safe haven. Telling her husband. “Cheers, I need that, thanks. Is there anything else I can do around the garden, Brenda.” Yes, she thought, as she glanced down at the front of his shorts. There was a very large and prominent bulge. You can fuck my brains out. “Hmm yes, I’m sure there loads you can do, but would like some thing to eat first?” “Yea, sure, that would be great, thanks.” “I got some fresh quarter pounders, we can have them with a salade?” Or alternately you can have me, she thought, Oh God what I am thinking.. She just smiles at me again and says you know you like it don't deny it I see you looking at my body all the time we are together. I told her yes I do I admire your body and yes your boobs are bigger and butt is more round then your sisters but that doesn't mean I want anything. As I started walking away again Paige and Nancy came back and said lets go get more shots. We all went to the bar and Nancy bought 2 shots and I got another one from r everyone. After those shots Paige was about to fall.

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