” The situation felt surreal, so overwhelming that the only thing I could do was lean into her embrace and give in to her soothing sounds and soft c...resses. I don’t know how long we stayed like this, perhaps five minutes, perhaps fifteen. A few more tears mixed with the juices already on my cheeks, and a few sobs shook my body. But finally, my emotional turmoil settled again, and I was able to take a few deep, liberating breaths. “You okay?” Anne inquired. “Yes. Yes I am.” Her arms let go of me. I'm ona date with a man that has a brain, who can express original thoughts. Iwant to ride you until you can't think straight."My pants dropped to the floor and she froze. "You're wearing the pantiesI sent you."I could feel the heat in my cheeks. "I didn't want you to think that Ididn't care for your gift. I can't help it if I'm not as bold as you are.I'm trying. You're worth it."She bit her lip, then began taking off her pants. "I could practicallyorgasm just standing here. You're making love. The great lord gave a sigh which spoke truly of his years.The last time Iosoan had marched into battle there had been a song. Not an ancient folk-song or a whimsical hunting chorus, but a great battle-song that lifted heart and mind. Written in a low register for fighting men to sing, its lyrics had echoed across the land as army after army toppled to the young heir of Lei. And decades later as the same man again led his army to battle, that old song churned the depths of his memory and rang. The windows of our master bedroom and bathroom, and the covered terrace face the sea, so we never need to bother about drawing the curtains.This size of an apartment is obscenely affluent by Mumbai standards, but 11 years ago, we got this apartment when it was being built, in lieu of our inheritance of our parents’ substantial properties in Mumbai, We moved in two years after our son went to full day school and we regularly started swinging. We got the plans modified right when it was being.

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