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Somehow she managed to pull it off without coming across as haughty.Little was a little embarrassed to realise he was staring at her cleavage. He look...d up to meet her eyes, hazel orbs that flashed with amusement."I'm looking for a gift for my wife," Little said."What kind of gift do you think she'd like?" the shopkeeper asked."Um, you know, I actually don't have the foggiest," Little replied."Men," the shopkeeper laughed, rolling her eyes.When Little had first saw her face he'd been put in. A new feeling fell atop all the old ones. And what was this unfamiliar emotion? It was indefinable, as love often is. I knew I had no hope of understanding it, all I knew was that for the first time in my life, I wanted to kiss you. I sat up and turned to you, our eyes holding one another. Gently, slowly, I moved my face toward yours, my eyes closing as our lips touched. I felt your breathing quicken as you wrapped your arms around me and pulled me into you, our kissing growing more and more. She was always waiting on him, loving him by keeping the house clean, making great meals, and giving him constant sex. My sister and I would hear them all the time.She was such a fifties housewife. I learned at school that women shouldn’t be subservient to their husbands and boyfriends, but Mom was so happy doing it. And now I understood.Which was why I cleaned the house naked. It was exciting. It brought such a rush. I wanted to call Mom and ask her if she did the same thing. Was she naked. ” He was pleading with me. I was certain now. I could enjoy myself.“ OK Jon. Every Thursday we had to do the Bank Audit and had to go to a private locked room. The first thing was that he always wanted to see my knickers. I used to pull my dress up and stand in front of him.” PIC “Did he like that. Did he do anything then?” “He used to feel my panties between my legs.”Jon was partly touching himself and breathing heavily “Did you have to do anything Rosie?” I nodded “I always had to stand with.

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