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“Oh hello ummm I was just…” “You were just being nosey!” Mi said with a laugh. “You wanna come in?” I heard Trcy’s thick southern acc...nt, “Ya Sa, come on in! We were just talkin’ about how it would be better with ya here.” I was lost. I had obviously missed something. As I entered the room I looked around. There was the porn I thought they were watching. Then it hit me, both of them were naked, and there I was with just a towel. Mi closed the door and grinned broadly. “We were just going. George nastily looks at me and whispers "Tai, go ahead Girl, you know what you want to do, just do it Girl". "UmmHmm", I nodded as his knob again was pressing at my slightly parted lips. Sliding my hand, not even able to warp entirely around the thick girth, I stroked the entire length. Allowing more of his swollen dark knob to penetrate my parted lips each time. I swirled my tongue around his oversized thick knob like a kid would an ice cream cone. I lowered my fully opened mouth over the. I wanted to be absolutely sure before I made any life changing decisions.The next morning when I awoke my pain was about the same, so I figured the sitter had been right, I was just paranoid. But someone was really after a few of those people who thought there were people after them. I did not want to make a bad decision because of a dopey brain.It was about 9AM when I placed the call to the Warren County Sheriff's office from my new cell phone. I asked for Deputy Learner who had been my last. The decision now having been made between me and my husband, I was already looking forward to the next Saturday evening.The next morning, I rang Jill's number. My mouth was dry as she answered the phone. She was very pleased that we wanted to engage in the action, and welcomed us into her little group. After I rang off, it had all been arranged, I waited in eager anticipation for my white envelope to plop through the door. Saturday arrived and I waited with nervous anticipation for the special.

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