Village Teen Playing With A Big Cock

He rubs my pussy. His mouth found mine again. He slid a finger into my pussy at the same time and his tongue slides into my mouth. His finger and tong...e find the same rhythm. I moan as he then slid two fingers into my pussy. This kept up for a bit. At some point I reached across the console and find him already hard, I rubbed his hard cock through the fabric of his jeans. All of a sudden a hand is on my wrist and the hand down my pants was gone, I was very disappointed.. "Oh Shit." I thought.. Humari auratey toh saali ek dum bakwaas aisi choot ke saamney. Yeh high society auraton ke mard bahut kismat waley hai.”He laughed and replied:“Yeh saari high society ki auratey randiya hoti hai, inko humara sakhat aur kaala lund hi acha lagta hai, inkey mardo ka nahi. Kyu madam?”I just gave him a smile and didn’t reply back and kept on enjoying the guards dick in my pussy.The shop keeper then told the guard:“Bhaisahab hum bhi thodi batting kar le?”He then got off me and guided me to sit on top. He cried out as her nails dug into his chest and she started to move faster and faster. The intensity in her look almost frightened him. She threw her head back and it appeared that the wind had caught her hair. When she looked at him again, there was no desire in her eyes. He thought she almost looked maniacal. It was the oddest feeling of having his cock pounded but not feeling the weight on his body. He imagined comparing it to a milking machine, pulling, squeezing, drawing his juice from. It felt good. In fact, though he and Mara had had sex together during their dating phase, and their first few months of being married, intercourse proved (for both of them) less than satisfactory, and so that aspect of their relationship ended, and by mutual consent. They had sex together, just not intercourse. Frequently he would go down on Mara's pussy and spent time loving her pussy with his mouth, and especially his tongue, and occasionally with his fingers; and then, after that, he would.

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