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For the next week all is quiet at the new couple’s house. One morning as Monique is taking out the trash, she meets Tabitha, the woman who lives dia...onally across from them. Tabitha is a pretty woman who is slightly heavyset; and has 44DD breasts. Her husband Josh has tattoos and a little beer belly. The two women take to each other as they talk and the two couples get together for a cookout that weekend.The two couples have been partying for a while when Tabby has to go to the bathroom and. It looks completely nondescript. No personality at all. It will be perfect for an evening of debauchery, and to act as a stand in for an eastern bloc interrogation room.“Worthless bitch, you have betrayed the motherland!” I shout as I close the door and drop my bag. “The party has sent me to impress upon you just HOW BADLY YOU HAVE FUCKED UP YOUR WORTHLESS LIFE! I WILL get the code word out of you. And you will be made to pay.”I see the gleam in her eye as I (finally – as I now actually have a. She had on a white button down shirt with two big pins on the front. She had on big navy blue glasses and her blonde hair was in a bun. She had on small earrings and her red lips matched her finger and toe nails. She had on a gold thick necklace and 4-5 gold bracelets around her wrist. I could see she was wearing a big brown push up bra that allowed her cleavage to push together and peek out her top just above the top two buttons from her neck. She had on a big brown belt that was tight around. Uske boobs ekdum ubhre huye nazar aa rahe the. mera lauda khada hone laga but kaise bhi control kiya. tabhi neha ne kaha ki use nahana tha so vo chali gayi aur nidhi aunty ko khana banane me help kar rahi thi.thodi der me mai natasha k nazdik ja k baith gaya.tabhi hawa chalne se room ka darwaza lock ho gaya.mai use padhane ko bola to vo padhane lagi.mera dhyan to uske boobs par tha.ek copy uthane k bahane se maine uske boobs ko hath lagaya to maza aa gaya.uska reaction bhi different ho.

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