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Eventually I chose to be a bit conservative and asked Beth to give my cock a thorough stroking. Wow! It felt great as she slowly moved her hot moist h...nd slowly up and down my shaft and gently flipped her fingers across my throbbing red hot knob. I had to draw on all my strength to control myself. Beth was the next winner and asked her husband to lick Lorraine's pussy. I thought Lorraine may hesitate but no not at all, she was on her back, legs spread in no time. One look at her pussy told me. While I lay in a coma and had been confined in a hospital bed. They had had more time with her than I had had.I had aged, while when the compound had reappeared, it was at nearly to the same second it had left, so I had aged almost ten years to her none. From my perspective, the rest of the world had only progressed a few seconds. Now I was ten years her senior.I froze like a deer in headlights. Not only had I aged, but I was married not just once but twice, without the benefit of divorce and. It was really exciting but the thought of getting caught scared the shit out of me anyway I made my mind up I was going to give it a try, I didn't have the best camera phone but I thought anything is better than nothing, I made a point of everytime I was at her flat I would sit opposite her with my camera app on, always pretending to text on Facebook whilst pointing it in her direction, One day I was there I got a couple of great shots as she stood up to do something, unbeknowing to her I slid. The double stimulation was, well, almost orgasmic.Before I could actually climax tough, I heard a moan. Before I could think I had removed my hands from my crotch. My eyes shot open. Only when I saw no one did I realise that it was my own moaning that had scared me. My crotch ached for release but what I saw filled me with such awe that I did not continue to masturbate.The water I was standing in was without end. All around me was just the water spanned to the horizon. No waves or ripples.

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