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I finished up my drink and the lovely Laura asked me if I wanted another but I told her I was going to call it a night. “Oh! That’s a shame.” sh... said as she leant on the bar top looking at me with big bright eyes. “ I’ll see you out as it is a security door and has a release buzzer.”She asked one of the guys seated at the bar to keep an eye on things, came around the bar and walked to the foot of the staircase leading to the upstairs foyer in front of me. As she climbed the stairs she made the. If we hadn’t been so tired, this moment would have been a perfect start to the activities we had planned. She opened her eyes and gazed at me. Her long red hair fell around her face and over her top but she was either too exhausted or lazy to move it. ‘That’s an acceptable time to go to bed, right?’ She asked hopefully. I nodded. ‘Yeah, definitely! But we’ve still got to clean our teeth and mouthwash.’ ‘I know.’ Lottie sighed regretfully, she looked down at my chest – it was bare as I was. So unlike most of the weddings in our family, this one wasn't arranged,but of course it was still 'approved' by the families. Aine is supernice, but just soooooooooo dull, and ten years older than me, so I barelyknow hir. Let's face it, some weddings you're more into than others, andto some extent, Mother is here out of obligation, representing our greatclan.I am introduced to the mother of the sissy/bride, Mistress Quinn, who Igive a big formal curtsey. Typical of how things 'work' in. It decided that here was not a good place to be. Without any help or instruction from the rest of her brain, it ordered her long, slender legs to run.Cindy sprang up and ran for the door as fast as she could, but tripped over another weird, rope-tied half-finished craft project that also seemed to reach out and grab one of her exquisitely-shaped ankles. She quickly kicked that away, then started scrambling for the door as fast as her gracile little hands and cute, dimpled knees could carry.

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