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He quietly stepped into the doorway, and when she was swinging past him, he reached out with both hands, pulling her to him smoothly, possessively. He... eyes snapped open, fear initially screamed from behind them, and then he saw her expression turn to recognition, mixed with confusion… and finally, it seemed like hours but only less than a minute, they were dancing together. Her heart was pounding wildly, and she felt weak, unable to resist his silent charm… the fantasies she had imagined since. Not longer, but fatter. As I stood there just holding his cock he started to move his hips so that his cock was being jerked by me. I started to stroke up and down. I am uncircumcised so pre-cum under my foreskin is enough lubrication for a nice wank, but this man was cut, so there was not the same smoothness. I didn't know what to do to make it smooth but then he said It would be nicer if it had some moisture on it and, as he was talking, I felt his hand on my shoulder pressing me down.... . Then fingers pressed in, gently at first, then hard - it hurt and I groaned as loudly as the gag would allow. The finger pressure lifted, then something cold was dribbling down the top of my shaft, fingers played around and I felt as if I was going to explode with pleasure. More fiddling, a presence on my cock head before the feeling of a rubber being unrolled along my shaft. More fingers playing around, gently stroking me through the thin latex. Next the feeling of something much heavier. ... "Don't touch the material of your blouse, but cup your breasts." "Touch your nipples, BUT only so lightly you're not even sure you've touched them, close your eyes, feel your nipples and fingertips meet through the material of your blouse. Open your eyes. Study your nipples. Watch how your fingers move. Close your eyes. Hold your breath." He was relentless. "Draw tiny circles around your nipples - Study your fingers, your nipples, your eyes, try to avoid too much.

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