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She looked around trying to find the girl and was beginning to become annoyed thinking she had run off before she saw her shyly emerge from the shop d...orway. She greeted her with a smile and held aloft the two boxes with a look of triumph.“Shall we go and sit there?” she asked gesturing to a bench on the other side of the street. Without waiting for a reply, she stepped up to the kerb, looked in both directions and headed across the road, her walking stick tap-tapping. The girl, torn between. I plunged my mouth down his whole length and sucked. As I side up his hard shaft I let my tongue firmly slide up the underside of his cock too. I swirl my tongue around his rim quickly before plunging straight back down his cock and starting the whole process again.I kept this up for what felt like ages but was probably only a minute or two while he thrust his cock as far into my mouth as he could get it and simultaneously pulled my head onto his cock.He stepped back so he was leaning against. I knew I was ready to cum at any second, she must of known this as well so she kept everything slow and sexy. She started rubbing herself up and down on my face. I could feel her wet through the thong. She then stood up and took it off and got right back down into the action. I stuck my tongue up her, she moaned and I felt a tense shiver throughout her whole body. She asked me to keep my tongue out and erect. She then started slowly fucking my tongue! I could feel her wet dribbling down my. He didn't like it, because it made his cock strum up like a fence post. His hands had gone to her bare shoulders, but he couldn't seem to make himself push her off. When he spoke, his voice was weak and not nearly as stern as he meant it to be."Come on, Susan. I'm not going to have you practicing on Bess after we've worn her out already--" Oh, I didn't mean Bess." The gleam in her eyes brightened, and suddenly she reached down. "I meant this!"Her fingers groped along his bulging crotch and Dave.

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