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The pain was indescribable, tears fell, and by the time the cold marble of the front step was under my feet I was oh so very grateful.By now I was get...ing really exhausted, as he led me into a guest room and told me to “settle in, you look tired, a meal will be provided, just press the bell and a maid will come and take your order, and a nights rest will set you up for tomorrow, as its going to be a long day for you missy!” His words struck a lance of ice into me. Just as I did, he knew I was. I stood up, pretending to check the magazines laid out for guests and moved closer.I stole a peek down her top, catching a glimpse of the nipples inside. I was trying my best to not be noticed before sitting down next to her. She continued to play on her phone, and I pretended to check mine.I could still see into her top a bit, the round tops of her tits catching my eye every time I tried to look away. I thought about sparking up a conversation, but found I wasn’t sure what to say.I didn’t have. ”“Were you scared?” I asked trying to change the subject.“Yeah,” she said. “My heart was beating a million miles a minute as I drove to his hotel. I didn’t know what was going to happen. Was I going to get killed? Was I going to get arrested? Was I going to chicken out as soon as the guy opened the door? I have to admit the thrill was a real turn on.”“Was he nice?” I asked.“He was so sweet,” she said. “He treated me like a princess. He kept on telling me over and over how pretty I was. He took. What I have struggled with was my body. I sometimes wish that I had large breasts, curvy hips, and of course, a vagina, but I do very much enjoy my cock and balls.I know that every person has some time in their life disliked their bodies, and I am no exception. I hated being different, but I also love being different, being unique.I discussed it at great length with Beverly, medical doctors, my therapist, and other trans men and women. I weighed all the options, and they convinced me to take.

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