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. what..... happened," before falling asleep again.Finally I awoke one time and tried to sit up in bed but found that Iwas too weak and then Uncle Bob...came into the room and pulled up achair by my bed and told me what had happened. When I fainted and theycouldn't revive me they were getting ready to call 9-1-1 when Bobremembered that there was a doctor on the yacht in the next slip and heran over, found that the Doc was aboard, and brought him back to lookat me. After some simple tests the Doc. I hadn’t bothered to unpack my stuff because I reckoned Rachael and I would be on the move again soon. I heard a knock on the door and, with butterflies in my stomach, went to answer it. There she was. Rachael was standing before me with a large grin on her face. Her long black hair was ruffled from having slept on a bus the entire night, but she looked stunning as I imagined. She threw her arm around my neck and pulled me in for a hug, squeezing her D cup breast against my body. Then she. She held my hands over her boobs and squeezed them harder. I sat on my knees and used more force. My cock went deeper and deeper. She moaned with her mouth closed.I brought her thighs closer and increased the speed. Her pussy grew tighter and it gave us more pleasure. She started squeezing her own boobs. She gasped whenever I hit a sweet spot inside the pussy. Her body tightened with every stroke. She started to arch her back. “Yes yes yes” she exclaimed.My balls grew tighter and I pounded her. Apprehensively she opened the door to face her father.Harrison could see she also had been crying. "Good choice," he told her sternly. "Go wash your face and come on down stairs; we're going to Denny's for a talk."He went down and told Laura. "Denny's?" she asked. "Can't you just talk to her here? It's a school night, Harrison, and it's already so late." I'm hoping the neutral atmosphere will help her relax and I can get to the bottom of this," he stated.When Ashley was ready she and her dad.

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