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I kept my eyes closed and waited while the sheet was peeled back and my nightie raised above my hips again. Hands ran up and down the back of my expo...ed body. I felt a kiss on my face and then a tongue licking my ear and behind it while the finger rubbed my anus and found its way inside of me. I opened my eyes as the finger went into me and I heard him exhale. He laid down beside me with his finger up my ass and pushed my straggily blonde hair back from my face. He kissed me on the side of. . you can probably use a hot drink." Dotty offered and went to start it... A few minutes later Joyce came into the kitchen. "I can't get a tow truck tonight, they're all busy, nothing till morning. I'll call Mike, he'll have to get someone to watch the kids and get a ride out to pick me up, his truck is getting painted." She said with a bit of exasperation and concern."Look why don't you stay her tonight and you can ride back to town with the tow truck, unless there is some reason to go. And it was popular knowledge that the two of them,Samantha and Jessica had exchanged a few words, none of which were good. ???? So Samantha stood in the doorway. ?Hey girl! I waun?ttha? bed.? She said, pointing to Jessica?sbed. Which was already covered in her sheets, and hid herluggage on it. ?Did you hear me?, Samantha snapped, ?I waun?t tha? bed?. ???? Jessica didn?tknow what to do. Of all the people in the world to pick from the cheerleadersto room with her, they had to pick her. Oh well,. Once in the room, John took at seat next to the bed. And watched as Liz and I ripped each others clothes off. She was wearing some very sexy lingerie. A nice bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Very classy, very sexy! She dove for my cock. And sucked it was a hunger. John had explained that a heart condition had prevented him from fucking her for the last 2 yrs. And when they tried to meet some younger guys, none of them could get hard with him watching. Not a problem for me! I loved.

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