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My cock twitched a little when I looked at that ass.hoping that someday I would be so lucky to fuck it. You see. Lisa didn't allow me anywhere near it...while we had sex. She didn't think it was something people should do. It was a****listic she said. So I kept on dreaming, and not pushing very much for it. I was scared she would leave if I did.When she walked me back from lunch, we met my boss. The owner of the company.Mr.Hanson.He's an old man. He was 69 years old. He was a bit fat and crude to. We sat down and my wife commented that she was hammered and maybe we should leave as she was very groggy. Looking at her breasts and those thighs, I convinced her to stay by slowly kissing her neck, to which I think she passed out.At this point a stranger sat down beside my sleeping wife and slowly unzipped his pants revealing a huge, thick cock. I am not gay but I was even impressed at its size just lying there atop his large balls. I went to nudge my wife to get her to wake up but when I. I didn’t need anyone sliding into Alyssa’s car. When I was as ready as I could be, I climbed out, and headed for the front office.The front office was warm, bordering on hot. The front door was glass and had that pneumatic arm to push it closed again. Something was wrong with the arm, because it tried to close the door on me before I had fully stepped into the office.“Welcome to Motel 6,” said a shaky voice.I turned and looked around. At first, I didn’t see anyone. Then a hand rose up from. "That's it, CHOKE ON IT BITCH! Look at your hard cock bounce while you fuck your face. You are a true cock sucker. Slap that cock for me while you fuck your face bitch."i slapped the underside of my cock so hard it made me close my legs. i let out a muffled moan. "That's good you little pain slut, but whores like you must keep their legs open. Now I want you to give your balls a good slap."tears streaming down my face, still jamming that cock into my mouth fuck hole, i wound up and.

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