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As issues came up, I’d like to get your opinion on them. Do you think you would want to do that for me, Katie?”Damn him, all he had to do call her...Katie and she would do anything he asked. Where was her logical skepticism, she wondered? “Yes, Jacob,” she said as her lips closed the distance to his.Logic lost to love that day. It happened somewhere between the second time he called her Katie and the second time she moaned his name as she came.That first kiss led to the kind of sex Katherine. She never spoke unless she was asked to, or needed clarification.I told her to sit at the kitchen table and I sat across from her."I am your master; is that correct?" Yes, master." You must do everything that I tell you to do; is that correct?" Yes, master." From now on your name will be Madison. Do you understand?" Yes, master. My name is Madison."I didn't like this game, but I didn't know how else to do what I wanted to do. I didn't have any grand plans for her, but something had to be done.. I couldn’t count the many times she cried “fuck”and a river of cum gushed out of her. I like it that I made her cum hard like that so I pressed on for more.Finally she started begging me to fuck her ,telling me how much she wanted to feel my cock inside her.When I finally moved up she was quick to pull me back into her when she felt my cock near the entrance. From that point on it was head board banging ,steady fucking,with sloppy sounds coming from her soaked pussy. Her cries and moans got. What's up?" She said as she put the phone up to her ear."What's up?" Carly said. "You know what's up. You packed my little black dress, didn't you?"Sam laughed nervously. "Yeah I may have gone into your room this morning when you were still asleep and… did that." She didn't want Freddie to know about the dress. Sam was going to surprise him later."You could have asked me." Carly scolded."I know, and I was going to. But Freddie came over before I had the chance to ask you and I already had it.

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