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When I looked down I saw the man had also cum for there was huge stain on the front of his panties and cum dripping through onto the floor, he stood u... and smiled at me and thank me then he pulled his trousers up and said Ill be here next week if you are interested and with that he opened the door and walked out, I closed the door and sat down not believing what I had just had done to me and more that I had in fact enjoyed the experiance and yes Mr Stranger I will be back next Sunday I took a. I couldn't deny these felt giggleworthy. I was amazed at the sensations that I could produce just from aquick squeeze or by flicking a thumb over my nipple.As tempting as it was to carry on groping my new chest I knew I needed tosee more and turned to rest my feet on the floor. They looked so smalland dainty. I wiggled my tiny toes and seeing them move caused a strangedissociative moment in my mind. I was wiggling my toes but these were notmy toes. And yet they moved! Refocusing I let my eyes. I am Miss Harrison. As this is the first day of classes, let’s make sure that everyone is in the right place. This is General Physiology. Are you all in the right classroom?” No one got up. “Good, we’ve had that happen in the past, is why I ask. Now, this is college, so no one will be taking attendance. You are responsible for being here and for knowing the material. Those of you who’ve never attended college before may not be aware of that minor detail. And if you’re failing in this, or any. I stopped for just one second then my tongue landed right on her clit and started to press it against her pelvic bone, pressing it firmly, the moisture of my tongue mixed with her juices. She gasped and grabbed her breasts urgently squeezing them giving herself over to me completely. I licked her clit up and down with regular movements and she continued to groan, then I changed and made little circles with my tongue and I tasted all her lovely juices in my mouth.Her head went back and her back.

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