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When she said that, I thought I'd blown it with her. "But it's true I suppose," she continued. "Your perceptions change when it's someone you love tha...'s involved." Abby grinned at me. "You are going to get so lucky tonight," she said as she pulled me into her apartment.Abby and I are doing real good, I thought, sitting in my office working. Well, I was looking out the window, with my feet up on my desk, as across the street the secretaries and female clerks, dressed to the nines, left their. Lipstick stillmarked her thin man lips making her sincere expression appear comical.Tears welled in her green eyes, oh god those are my green eyes and I'mseeing Natalie in them! Just what the hell is happening here!?"I feel bad, a wave of empathy comes over me as the plight of what has justhappens hits me. She's holding a neat pile of clothing, it's her Hootersuniform, the tanned pantyhose is on top. I take a deep breath, and reachfor the pantyhose.Natalie's face lights up into a rugged smile. I could picture him just then, tall, smoothed black hair, bright green eyes, a brilliant smile, muscular build that showed under the button up shirts and slacks. I wanted him, desperately. He, just so happened to be my history professor. Professor Nelson was the talk of the campus, ever since he got hired about two semesters ago and girls were envious of other girls that had his class. Awakening me was a dull throb between my legs. I was growing wetter and wetter just at the thought of his. She was moaning loud now. I kissed her belly and put my hands around her ass. I slowly massaged her pussy. She had closed her eyes and enjoying every moment of it. I started removing her jeans.She helped me to do it. I smelled the panty and wow the smell was good. I saw her panty was wet with her juices already. She had cum and I could feel the liquid in my hand. I removed the panty and inserted my finger in her pussy, She moaned oh Alex so nice. I said do you like it she responded yes yes!! I.

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