Your plan forthis afternoon is good. Having goals is helpful Sara. Let's review oncemore," we ran through the exercises again.She signed off at just a...ter eleven. I checked my outfit and face againbefore getting in the Audi for the ride to the store. I needed a greatmany items to fulfill the new diet Cathy had suggested. As I stepped fromthe car my hem rose nearly to my panty and I saw the boy collecting thecarts smile. I pulled the dress quickly into place and turned back tocheck my face in. My finger slide between the material and her skin just on her side and felt the goosebumps rise. i could feel myself getting excited knowing she had to feel it as well as we were pulling each other closer. she glanced up taking my hand twirled and began walking to the back with me in tow. We got to the back of the club next to the ladies room and just as quick she twirled around planting a deep passionate kiss her tongue darting and dancing with mine. my hand moving up her side to just under. ”“Well, we shall see,” I replied with a smug smile of my own. “I know that you have a master of your own, so you will forgive me if I don’t mention anything of our plans. I would not want your master to learn any sensitive information. Let us not forget that I know full well what allowed you to pull me into that dreamscape and that you cut what little connection we had. You, however, are deeply connected to your master despite your wishes on the matter.”Her eyes widened as she realized what I. He looked up when she entered."Did he hurt you?" Leon asked."Yes. He pinched my nipple and hurt my butt. And he, um, choked me. I couldn't breathe. I thought I was going to die." Come here." He patted the couch cushion next to him.Matilda sat down, leaning forward with her forearms on her thighs. Leon tapped her on the back. She turned with a tilted head. His arm was in the air. Matilda studied his face and then leaned back, snuggling against his side with her head on his chest. His arm lowered.

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