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She bent down and engulfed my cock in her mouth. When she pulled away my cock was covered in her spit. She straddled me with her back to my face; sh... moved down and guided my cock in her pussy. I almost came as soon as she bottomed out. She is sitting on my cock grinding her pussy in slow circles.She rose up some and pulled my cock from her wet pussy. I could see her pussy lips were open wide. She pushed back towards my face and told me to use my tongue and get her ass ready for cock. I. “Please daddy. Fuck my ass! I need it.”“But I don’t have lube with me.” I said worriedly.“Use my mouth. I will get your cock wet. I still need to be punished daddy.”I don’t know what for, but I let her take my cock in her mouth. She bobbed on it like she was hungry for it. I put my hand on her head and pushed deep down her throat. She gagged a bit but fought it off. It served to cause her mouth to drool and when I pulled my throbbing cock out, a long string of her slick saliva connected my cock. Well, I guess Ill see you later then… but that means I get a goodbye hug. By the time I finished the sentence I was already to her. Wait! she yelled, but I wrapped my soaking wet arms around her. Eeek! Let me go! she shrieked through a laugh. I released her after a moment, but I had already deposited a significant amount of dampness to her. She took a step back, and gawked at me through a smile. I just grinned back and flicked my fingers at her so droplets of water cascaded over her face. Oh. .. M... E... A... N... Y, and cannot keep a straight face as Michael replies " Oh its going to be like that is it!" Anna and Mary exchange glances and in unison reply " Yes Master, Yes Sir."And of course he now has the N for his word... and smiles... once more he has been caught out and so lays the word he knows they want him to lay! N... I... P... P... L... E."Oh Sir" replies Anna " One track mind I see" and both of the girls crease up in laughter as Michael is left to wonder just what else.

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