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This could NOT be happening. He was going to marry this woman. She was going to be his forever. They would never be apart.Young love is so unrealistic... In his later years the more cynical Jim Olsen would laugh with scorn at his younger self. What had he been thinking?At that moment though, all he could think about were ways that Sarah could stay behind and be with him.“Couldn’t you stay with someone here, at least until you finish school?”“N-n-no. Father a-a-and I had a terrible row about that. I wrestled with the thought and finally decided to follow the rules. I considered I must be getting staid in my old age. For hundreds of years I thought rules were simply things that got in your way.I left at dusk and drove quickly but carefully up the Interstate until I pulled off at the designated exit. I smothered a couple of swear words when I realized I had left the directions beside the phone. Oh well, my memory still worked. I drove on through the gloom, up winding roads and finally. "We have the weapons. We have the men. Princess Ashaia is in Talai, with her force of swamp dwellers, and most of Sholim's army is out of the way. We're as ready as we'll ever be." Be easy, my large and impetuous friend," Chinzel cautioned softly, but a twitching muscle in his cheek betrayed his own mounting tension. "Nurm warned us against striking too soon. He is to risk warning us when the time is right, an act that will strain at the boundaries of his own guild's rules." The word of a. . ? Oh, yeah, that'll be wrapped up today."I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but he seemed a tad bit nervous during our brief conversation. He took my name and address and said he'd have the test results mailed to me.After I got home, I thought about my impressions of Harlan. And then it struck me that Mary had said that they wouldn't do anything until I had approved Harlan for the job. But they had already made appointments? I decided I needed a little expert advice.I had been friends with Terry.

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