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All three of them had cum inside Marcia twice though and my jaw felt stiff, my tongue aching and so tired I couldn't even talk. I couldn't even lick t...eir cocks very well and Marcia had the same problem since she'd been sucking them off the whole time I'd been licking her.My dick was hard though! I had a serious boner and Marcia's hand felt good as she squeezed the shaft and stroked me up and down. I got three fingers in her pussy, feeling the mushy walls of her vagina covered with thin, oily. Stimulating not just me but himself so that he would come, and then unleashed the largest load in my mouth slamming his cock to the back of my throat when he did. I was elated to have been able to take in all that they gave me. My pussy was still being stimulated with the vibrators and wanted to increase the intensity on them so I could cum.The men stepped away and my Master approached. He kissed my forehead and gently caressed the side of my face turning me to look into his eyes. “My pretty. We both were making noises and calling out our names so passionately and lovingly. We both got up. She was licking my whole body from top to bottom.She said, “I want to feel you inside me please fuck me, Karthik.” Honestly, I was not prepared for this much and I didn’t buy a condom. I told her with a sad face, “Sorry baby I never knew we will do this much. So I didn’t bring a condom.”She said, “That’s ok. I want to feel your cock inside my pussy. Now do it baby but do it carefully and signal. Me andar gaya wo khat par leti thi wo boli chal jaldi aaja mene kaha pahle usko dho tole wo boli kisko mene kaha choot ko wo boli khayega ise mera to dimag kharab phir bhi mene use samjhaya aase lagatar do logo ke kane se bimari lagjati haiwo boli thi hai dho kar aati hoon me bhi hoi risk nahi chahata tha phir wo aagyi aur khat par letkar boli chal jaldi kar aur usne apna patikot upar utha kar boli chal daal de jaldi se me bola pure kapde nahi utarogi kya wo boli nahi mene kaha utar dona me.

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