Chatur Naar Episode 1

The living room didn't have any regular furniture, but was filled with pillows and cushions. "Take your clothes off and have a seat," the couple instr...cted as they headed into the back of the house. Well, I had come this far and didn't want to seem like I was a novice, so I stripped down and sat on a large cushion and waited to see what would happen next. Susan came out wearing her high heels, a small facial mask and her birthday suit. Her ample breasts swayed as she walked and her red-haired. She had been provocative last night at the party, but now, this way, she was even sexier. She wore short-shorts of bright orange so tight they clearly outlined her protruding pubic mound and its wide cleft through the fabric between her soft, ivory thighs. Her long tapering legs, bronzed even more than Sharon's, were bare and beautiful, and her naked belly was just as tanned between the tight shorts and the orange halter, which barely concealed the nipples of her deliciously mounded breasts. “And now that I have caught up?” I asked. “You do as you are told. Oh my, my,” she sighed, "I never felt such desire, even for you. I want you more than I have wanted anything ever, and it isn't like anything else I've ever felt. Want you!" Hearing her admit to her desires I flooded, and let her come to me. Jess pushed me so I lay back onto the bed, and she slipped off her skirt and crawled cat-like up the bed. Placing her hands on the wall behind me, she whispered, “When it comes to my heart;. His big balls hung down behind, hairless and wrinkled between his beefy thighs.He took a seat and immediately got to work, looking up to the ceiling and leaning on the lockers, wanking his semi hard dick, sliding the foreskin back to reveal the plump head of his cock. His balls hung down over the edge of the bench and wiggled as he stroked himself up to full hardness.I was watching with the biggest fucking smile on my face, my cock hard in my hand, furiously wanking and thinking about.

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