We crossed the living and dining rooms before we stepped into the kitchen."Good morning kids" my mom said, nearly giving me a heart attack, and gave u... a stern look. She was sitting at the table in her purple robe drinking a cup of coffee, her dyed red hair in a loose ponytail. Mia and I knew we were done for."Hey mom" I managed to say, trying to sound sober. My mother got up and gave my sister an I a look of disappointment and anger."Are you drunk?" she asked and took a step towards us. She. .Married ladies ko dekhta hu to dil me kuch-kuch hota hai, aisa lagta hai k unpe jhaptu or chod ke chodu. . .Par himmat kabhi nahi hui. . .Aaj jo kahani batane ja raha hu wo meri life ka pehla sex anubhav tha, or wo bhi meri mami ke sath. . .Pehle to mai meri mami ke bare me batata hu. . . Unka naam sonali hai, age unki 31saal hai, rang gora or figure shadi hui tab 34-25-34 tha par shadi ke 2-3 saal baad wo kamal ki dikhne lagi. . . Ab unka figure 36-30-36 hai. . .Haan yaar thodi moti hai par. I could hear what sounded like whispering from the bathroom. The lights were all off and even we spirits have problems with seeing in the dark. I knew my kinky husband liked to fumble about in the dark and act like a stranger but it didn't seem like this was one of those scenarios.Both Mary, my younger sister, and Rose, her sexy daughter born out of wedlock, had departed much earlier and I wondered who that scoundrel Harry could be whispering to in the middle of the night.The bathroom door. “Ummm, having my pussy fingered while Varun is in the room is making me so horny… I can’t hold it much longer…”She was just about to cum when the phone started ringing. Savita pulled her pants up and went to answer the phone. Just as Savita finished talking to Ashok the boys finished their lunch and started to leave.“My classes end an hour before Varun today bhabhi. So I hope you have something HOT ready for me this evening.” whispered Tarun into her ear before he left.Later that evening…“I.

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