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We usually are a group of five to 12 friends, this year we were 10 people. 7 men and 3 Girls, with one of the girls Maria I had a couple of months ago...an affair, had a few times sex and a nice episode on a toilet of a club, but to that story I will come later. This year a friend of Mary, named Anna which I never have met before also joined our Group. Anna was a red haired girl from next door type had a piercing in her tongue and a really nice slim body with a great ass and some nice. .. who should I hit?” Claire asked me while creaming herself on my dick.“The White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court building, Blair House, CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, the J. Edgar Hoover Building in DC, which serves as the FBI headquarters, ICE Headquarters, Homeland Security headquarters, DEA headquarters in Springfield, Virginia, ATF headquarters in DC, and the NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. We’ll leave the Pentagon be. I don’t wish to kill a bunch of honest. Raj saw me and smiled, I finished and went into my cabin and just as I closed the door, there was a knock. I peeped out, it was raj, he came in and I askedMe- yes what u want so early morning.Raj – ( coming straight to point) can we do once before the final station.Me – ( I got excited and was horny after the exposing to the station ) come back in 5 mins.He went out. I adjusted my pads and got out a fresh condom for him. I removed my nighty and panty and was wearing an only padded bra and I. I expected her to at least hesitate briefly in order to compose herself or something, but she almost immediately moved down the couch until she was straddling my waist. She reached down and grabbed my cock, guided it towards her pussy, and lowered herself down on top of it. For a very brief moment I was disappointed she wasn’t going to give me a blowjob first, but then watching her start to ride my cock in those sexy thigh-highs, I forgot all about it. She placed both her hands on my chest.

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